Commercial Gutter and Fascia clean In Shirley, Solihull
Commercial Guttering

Commercial Gutter and Fascia clean In Shirley, Solihull

An office in Shirley, Solihull, asked us to clean out their gutters and wash down the exterior of the building. The exterior of the building had obviously been neglected for a while. The fascia's were green with mildew. The gutters were full in areas, with growth evident from the car park. Such a problem it had become, that water couldn't flow through them and had caused a leak within the building. 

After assessing and quoting, we booked the job in. Because the growth was severe, a gutter vac would have struggled. Also if one of the downpipes were blocked, a gutter vac would not have been sufficient to clear it. So proper access was deemed required. Ladders weren't suitable due to restricted access around the building, and the potential for marking the fascia's. Scaffolding wan not an option either. The most appropriate solution was a powered access platform. 

Using the platform we safely and effectively access the gutters and cleared all the debris and cleared the downpipes. We also cleared the moss from the valley above the entrance annex. Using the platform also allowed us to effectively clean the facia's above the annex. We also pressure washed the emergency stairwells on wither side of the building. Finally we washed down all the windows. 

After completing the work, a full report was sent to the customer, along with the invoice.

Now the office looks... MINT!!

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