High Level Limited Access Gutter Cleaning in the Midlands
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High Level Limited Access Gutter Cleaning in the Midlands

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Ever wondered how the gutter are cleaned on tall buildings such as offices or apartment blocks? Nowadays, taller buildings are designed with flat roofs, and have mansafe systems, guard rails and access hatches, so its just a case of accessing the roof, and using appropriate tools and safety gear. 

But some older properties don't have flat roof, or don't have access hatches. What about these buildings? For example, in the video linked below, is an example of a set of 3 apartment blocks between 6 to 8 storeys high, with pitched roofs and standard plastic guttering. Access to the rear of the building was limited by a narrow gap between the buildings of about 1.5 meters or less. Because of these issues, the gutters hadn't been cleared out for a long time, and they were full and grass was growing from the corners. It had gotten so bad, the water had no where to run when it rained, and this seemed the likely cause for water ingress into the building. 

Many gutter cleaning companies use either ladders, GutterVac, or a truck mounted platform. Obviously ladders isn't an option here. Neither the truck mounted platform, as how will a truck get through the 1.5m gap to the rear? no chance! What about a GutterVac? Trying to manoeuvre a gutter pole from the ground that is 6 storeys long or more, would be very difficult, and not particularly safe. GutterVac's are safe an effective up to 3 storeys or sometimes 4 in the hands of experienced operators. In addition, sometimes the Vacuum can't get into all the knucks and crannies of the gutter. So what's the solution?

MINT Commercial Ltd - Commercial Gutter cleaning in the Midlands
Call MINT Commercial Ltd of course! We assessed and quoted the job. The safest and most effective way to clean this kind of property is utilising a Tracked Spider Access Platform. There are a number of different types available. We have our own 17 meter Hinowa. But for this job we used a 25 meter Cela. Unlike other machines that use weight to stabilise them, which makes them bulky and heavy (which can damage grass and paving), a spider lift uses outriggers, spreading its base to cover a larger area for stability, reducing the need for weight by as much as 80%. When used by licenced and experienced operators and within its recommended limits, these incredible machines are often the safest way to access temporary work at height, and allow quick and efficient work too. have a look at the video link below to see it in action, or the photos atached to this blog post to see how effective we can clean the gutter with proper access.
High Level Commercial Gutter clearance - MINT Commercial Ltd

Do you need your gutter cleaning? Give us a call on 03334040973 or email info@MINTcommercial.co.uk.

We are SafeContractor approved, ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 certified and members of RESET, so you know that you have professional and Safe workers on site. We also offer inspection programs if you want to maintain your gutters but only have them cleaned when necessary. 

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